Sunday, December 13, 2009


A ghost that lingers
as if it were forgotten.
A cobwebbed memory.
A heart feigned rotten.
Did she Love me?
Or could she even tell
that forcing it to hibernate
has been a bitter hell?
Maybe as it slumbered
it contorted askew with pain,
Freeing forth from a coma
never to be the same.
Now here I sit
at four this lonesome mourning
wondering if I've overlooked
any sort of warning.
Maybe then I'd smile
without the aid of a mask,
maybe then I wouldn't think

this present should resurrect the past.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


This gravity's too much for me, but it's not my only anchor.
Deeply rooted to nothing, free to turn an ear from clamor.
Just fly with me, we can leave today.

Shimmering radiance flickers now, giving any doubt a chasing,
Casting it from a heart
filled bleak and replacing it with feeling.
Just smile for me, take my pain away.

Jaw and ground turned parallel, you've broken apart my frown.
My path blazing smooth with you in tow,. never once looking down..
Just fly with me, off into the stars.

With limits not found, we have become, architects of destination.
Together we'll share, the lives we have forged, without separation.
Just us in space, the world is ours.